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Company Formation in Malta

Updated on Friday 03rd February 2023

We are a team of company incorporation specialists in Malta who offer a wide range of services for local and foreign investors interested in starting a business in this country. 
 Quick Facts  
 Types of companies which can be started by foreigners

Limited liability company

Public company

Minimum share capital for LTD Company and paid-in requirement 

1200 shares of €1 each - 20% paid up - ie : €240

Minimum number of shareholders for Limited Company 

Time frame for the incorporation (approx.) 

1-2 weeks

Corporate tax rate

35% - but refund of 30% to shareholders - net effective tax of 5% 

Dividend tax rate 


VAT rate 


Are shelf companies available? No
Do you supply a registered address?   Yes
Local director required   No 
Annual meeting required  No
Redomiciliation permitted  Yes
Electronic signature  Yes, but not in all instances 
Is accounting/annual return required?  Yes 
Foreign-ownership allowed  Yes,  no min. or max. requirement 
Any tax exemptions available? 

- net effective tax of 5%

- no dividend income tax

- no stamp duty upon transfer of shares 

- no capital gains and no transfer pricing regulations 

Tax incentives

 Upon repatriation of dividends may be able to get up to 35% tax credit in country of residence 


What types of companies can I register in Malta?



  • limited liability companies;
  • limited partnerships;
  • general partnerships.


Each form of business is subject to certain company formation conditions for which our team of company incorporation specialists in Malta can offer complete assistance.


How can I register a private LLC in Malta?


The private limited liability company is the most employed type of business vehicle in Malta. According to the Maltese Company Act, a private limited liability company must have a minimum share capital of  EUR 1,165. However, if the share capital does not exceed the minimum requirements, it must be fully subscribed upon incorporation. If it exceeds the minimum share capital, at least 20% of the amount must be deposited. The private company is also required to have at least two shareholders, one director, one company secretary, and a registered office. The legislation does not require the company’s directors to be Maltese residents.

How can I register a public LLC in Malta?


Limited liability companies may also be registered as public companies during the process of company formation in Malta. This type of company is required to have at least two shareholders who will subscribe a minimum share capital of approximately EUR 46,600 of which at least 25% must be paid upon the incorporation of the company. Compared to the private company, the public company must have at least two directors and may trade its shares on the Maltese Stock Exchange.
The limited liability company can be an excellent option for starting a business in Malta. The formalities are straightforward and our agents can help you start a small business regardless of the chosen industry. Here is what you need to know about starting a small business in Malta:
  1. The limited liability company can be registered with a minimum share capital of EUR 1,165 deposited in a local bank account.
  2. At least two shareholders, a company secretary, and a manager are required for a limited liability company in Malta.
  3. The Articles of Association are the main documents of the company in Malta.
  4. If special licenses and permits are required, our agents can help you.
  5. The registration for taxation and social contributions is needed.
  6. If the company seal is issued, the business can have activities in Malta.
Besides opening a limited liability company in Malta, a sole trader can be a great option. You might consider this simple business form in Malta and discuss it with one of our specialists in company formation in Malta. In any case, the incorporation of a company in Malta is a simple process, regardless of the chosen business structure.

Steps in opening a small business in Malta

As mentioned earlier, starting a small business in Malta is not a complex process, but it requires attention from the start. Our company formation agents in Malta can help international investors register a company in a fast and efficient manner, following a few important steps:
  1. The business name needs to be verified with the Maltese Companies Register.
  2. The documents of the companies must be prepared, with information about the business owners, activities, business office, and more.
  3. The minimum share capital needs to be deposited in a local bank account.
  4. Besides the registration for taxation, the social contributions need attention too.
  5. If you decide on hiring staff, you can pay attention to the Maltese workforce.
  6. One must apply for business licenses and permits.
  7. Instead of a whole accounting department, you can hire the services of our specialists.
  8. If the company seal is obtained, the small business is ready for activities in Malta.
Deciding on the activities and the business form represent the main objects of an entrepreneur in Malta. If you are interested in starting a small business in Malta, feel free to discuss all the aspects with one of our specialists.

Fields in which you can open a small business in Malta

Malta offers many opportunities for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. One can register a tourism agency in Malta, a grocery store, a barbershop, a supermarket, a dental office, a cosmetic clinic, a credit company, or a small farm, depending on the business ideas an entrepreneur has for Malta. Sole traders can offer graphic design services, act as personal trainers or coaches, be financial consultants, to give a few examples of business ideas in Malta. Starting a small business in Malta is not a complicated process, if you know from the start what you would like to develop. Once the activities are settled, you need to choose a business name and verify it with the Maltese authorities. Feel free to discuss with one of our company incorporation specialists in Malta and ask for support.

Documents for company formation in Malta


The most important documents for company incorporation in Malta are the memorandum and the articles of association. These must contain:
  • the type of company and the name and residence of each shareholder;
  • the name of the company and the registered office in Malta;
  • the objects of activity and the minimum share capital (plus the contribution for each member);
  • the name of the registered agent and the board of managers;
  • the name and residence of the company secretary for your firm in Malta.
Copies of the passport or other identification papers of the directors and secretaries must also be submitted with the Maltese Trade Register. Foreign citizens are not required to come to Malta for the incorporation procedure. They can appoint a representative agent and give him/her the power of attorney for legal representation.

Steps for company incorporation in Malta

Here is information about the main stages to consider when starting the process of company formation in Malta:
  1. Select the proper business structure for your future operations in Malta.
  2. Prepare at least 3 unique names for your company and solicit a name verification in this sense with the Registry of Companies in Malta.
  3. Open a bank account in Malta and draft the minimum share capital imposed for your business.
  4. Prepare and submit the Articles of Association and the Memorandum for your firm in Malta.
  5. Apply for the proper business licenses and permits before starting the activities in Malta.
  6. Register for tax purposes as soon as the company receives the certificate of incorporation issued by the Registry of Companies in Malta.


Branches in Malta


Foreign companies may also set up branch offices in Malta, while for individuals looking for a simpler way of doing business in the country, the sole proprietorship is the best option. Our experts in company formation in Malta can help you choose the right type of company.


Costs for forming a company in Malta

Foreign investors interested in company incorporation in Malta should consider the approximate costs for starting a business in this country. Here are a few details presented by our firm:
  1. Registration fee: the standard registration fee is set at EUR 375, but it might vary depending on the chosen city for business.
  2. Minimum share capital: EUR 1,165 is necessary for opening a private limited liability company and EUR 46,600 for a public LLC.
  3. Virtual office cost: approximately EUR 125 per month for a virtual office package.
  4. Company formation fee: approximately EUR 1,350, but a tailored offer can be provided by our team.
  5. Accounting costs for your company: from EUR 50/month (for a package that contains bookkeeping services, tax advice and many more).


Are there other requirements for company formation in Malta?


Once the registration procedure is concluded, the company must also apply for a business license and other necessary permits depending on the activity to be carried out. The company must also apply for a tax identification number (TIN) and register for VAT. The last step is to obtain an employer identification number (PE number) and register its employees with the Employment Training Corporation (ETC). If you need tax advice in Switzerland, we can put you in contact with our partners, a team of experienced tax advisors in Zürich.


Virtual office services in Malta

A virtual office in Malta is directed to business persons who want to test the market and have no operational costs for traditional offices. Among the virtual office services in Malta we mention the collection of incoming and outgoing faxes, voice mailbox, call redirecting to the private local number on request, the collection of bank statements and many more. We are at your disposal with information about the virtual office services we can offer in Malta.

Can I receive management services for my company in Malta?

Yes, foreign investors with companies in Malta can receive secretarial services, trust services, and nominee shareholders on request. Our Maltese company formation representatives can handle the management services and can cater to your needs as a foreign business investor in this state.
We also invite you to contact our team of company formation consultants in Malta for in-depth information and assistance about the services we can provide.


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