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Malta Launches Responsible Gaming Foundation

Written by: Bridgewest

Malta-Launches-Responsible-Gaming-Foundation1The Maltese government established a new foundation that will provide support services regarding “responsible gaming”. The Responsible Gaming Foundation will support research and conduct awareness campaigns with respect to gaming in Malta. It is a well-known fact that gaming is a very powerful industry in Malta, so the Responsible Gaming Foundation was designed to fund projects that offer alternative activities to gaming.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSRP) in Malta

Together with the Responsible Gaming Foundation, a social responsibility program was also launched. The Corporate Social Responsibility Program was designed to fund Maltese companies and other organizations in their initiatives regarding projects related to recreational activities other than gaming and gambling.

The CSRP’ website will also host a chat for individuals with gambling addictions. The Corporate Social Responsibility Program has a 150,000 euros budget that will be dedicated to the encouragement of companies to come with projects for other leisure activities than gambling and gaming.

The chat application the website offers for individuals with addiction problems will have trained personnel moderating discussions. The CSR program also prepares for launching a call center in 2016.

The Responsible Gaming Foundation in Malta

The Parliamentary Secretary, Jose Herrera, said that, even if the gaming industry is one of the largest industries in Malta, it could have a negative impact on individuals, which is why the Gaming Foundation was created.

However, the Responsible Gaming Foundation was designed to strengthen the ties between the representatives of the gaming industry and their clients. The Secretary also stated that, in 2015, Gaming Malta will be launched and together with the Gaming Academy will enhance the gaming industry following a responsible approach.

More gaming operators come to Malta each year because of the low taxes applied by the authorities and Secretary Jose Herrera also highlighted that the gaming sector is growing in Malta and the number of licenses issued by the LGA (Lotteries and Gaming Authority) for gaming has significantly increased, that is why the need for the Responsible Gaming Foundation and the Corporate Social Responsibility Program.


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