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Malta Encourages Companies to Hire Persons with Disabilities

Written by: Bridgewest

Malta-Encourages-Companies-to-Hire-Persons-with-DisabilitiesThe Government plans to allocate 12 million euros from EU funds to Maltese companies employing persons with disabilities. The scheme is part of the Access to Employment (A2E) program and aims to help both companies and the segment of Maltese workforce with disabilities.

The benefits of Maltese companies employing disabled individuals

The Government announced several tax reductions for companies employing persons with disabilities. The Maltese companies applying for the Access to Employment Scheme will benefit from a weekly flat rate subsidy of 125 euros for each employee with a disability.

The 2015 budget also provides numerous incentives for Maltese companies employing individuals with disabilities. Among these, the companies will be exempt from paying the social security contributions and will also benefit from a tax credit of maximum 4,500 euros, which is the equivalent of the salary of an employee with a disability. Moreover, Maltese companies employing disadvantaged individuals who are single parents will benefit from a maximum 10,000 euros tax credit.

The Government’s plans do not include only companies, but also disadvantaged individuals. Maltese employees with disabilities will still continue to receive their disability aid disregarding their salaries or other wages. Moreover, they will also benefit from special residential homes in the near future.

The Government also plans to reintroduce the 1967 law on the employment persons with disabilities. You can find out more information about it from our Maltese experts.

The 1967 law on the employment of persons with disability

At the end of 2014, the Finance Ministry was announcing the 1967 legal framework through which Maltese companies were being encouraged to hire persons with disabilities will be reinforced this year. The revised legislation would apply to all companies operating in all economic sectors this time. According to this law, at least 2% of the total number of employees of Maltese companies should be individuals with disabilities. However, employers will be consulted and the form of the legislative proposal will also be revised before being reinforced.

For details about the current legislative framework of employment, you may refer to our specialists in company incorporation in Malta.




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