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Financial Services Attract Most Foreign Investors to Malta

Written by: Bridgewest

Financial-Services-Attract-Most-Foreign-Investors-to-MaltaAccording to the latest report issued by the Maltese National Statistics Office, financial services and insurance activities registered a 6.9 billion euros increase in 2014, accounting for 98% of Malta’s total foreign direct investment. This country has experienced high growth in other sectors like transportation and tourism also.

Foreign direct investment in Malta in 2014

Malta received a total of 139 billion euros in foreign direct investment last year of which 6.9 billion euros came from financial services and insurance activities, according to the report issued by the National Statistics Office, at the end of August. Following financial services, transportation, accommodation and real estate have gathered together 1.1 billion euros, a sign that the tourism industry keeps attracting foreign investors, but also foreign high net worth individuals seeking to relocate to Malta or bring their businesses there.

The other two industries injecting high amount of money in the Maltese economy are the manufacturing industry and i-gaming along with its connected activities. Manufacturing brought in 878 million euros, the Maltese gaming industry - 10 million euros and together with the other related activities have accounted for a total of 490 million euros. Maltese companies have absorbed approximately 37 billion euros from foreign direct investment in 2014.

Malta is determined to keep attracting foreign investments

Even if it is the smallest country in the European Union, Malta is aware of its economic potential and wants to enhance its position among the most attractive countries to do business in.

At the Expo 2015 in Milan, the Maltese Pavilion has presented the country as an island with an unique identity based on its hard-working and well-prepared workforce. Malta Enterprise, the governmental agency in charge with the promotion of Malta at Expo 2015, has caught the attention of some of the largest key players in the tourism, aviation, logistics and microchip technology industries. The Government is also committed to develop other sectors, such as health and education, by offering different types of incentives to new investors, according to the Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat.

For information related to the current legislation on foreign investments, you can get in line with our experts in company formation in Malta.


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