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Malta Launches New Seed Funding Program for Companies

Written by: Bridgewest

Malta-Launches-New-Seed-Funding-Program-for-CompaniesMalta Enterprise, the governmental development agency, has launched a new investment scheme for start-up companies. The BSTART scheme, as it was named, Maltese start-ups will benefit from seed funding up to 25,000 euros. For information about the qualifying criteria for the BSTART program you can refer to our specialists in company registration in Malta.

What does the BSTART program offer?

The BSTART program was developed this autumn by Malta Enterprise and will offer seed funding to start-up companies supplying a commercially achievable business plans. Another requirement is for the companies to have been registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority for the past five years. The BSTART scheme allows Maltese small companies just starting to operate to apply for an initial 10,000 euros in seed funding, later being allowed to apply for 15,000 euros more. A company can obtain maximum 25,000 euros in seed funding under the BSTART program.  All Maltese companies submitting viable business plans will be taken into consideration in the limit of 500,000 euros which is the total budget of the BSTART program. The scheme will run until June 2016.

What other programs in Malta Enterprise running?

Malta Enterprise is the governmental agency facilitating foreign investment in Malta and ever since its activity began it offered support to small and medium-sized companies in the country. Malta Enterprise also acts as a communication channel between the Government and foreign investors. Malta Enterprise is currently developing several programs for all types of companies. Among the most successful are the Micro Invest program which aids Maltese micro enterprises with an annual turnover below 10 million euros and the Business Development Scheme dedicated to large projects with a significant impact on the regional development of the country. The agency also creates new opportunities for foreign investors wanting to open companies on the Gozo Island through the Gozo Transport Grant Scheme.

For details about all the investment schemes available and legislation for foreign investment you can contact our specialists in company incorporation in Malta. You can also ask for our services when setting up a company in Malta.



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