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Malta and UAE to Collaborate on Innovation and Other Four Sectors

Written by: Bridgewest

Malta-and-UAE-to-Collaborate-on-Innovation-and-Other-Four-Sectors.jpgMalta and the United Arab Emirates have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which aims to improve the cooperation between the two countries. Special attention is given to five areas of cooperation, including innovation. These agreements can strengthen the economic corporation and the mutual foreign investments between Malta and the UAE.

Areas of cooperation

The Governments of Malta and the United Arab Emirates signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will enable the two countries to extend their cooperation. The first targeted area is innovation and the intent is to maintain a culture of innovation in the private sector. Education and training in public administration are two another pillars of cooperation between the two governments. Here, the countries will work on implementing exchange programmes and coordinate with international institutions to provide an overall improved public administration.
The accelerator programme is the one of most interest for foreign investors in Malta. This programme will support start-ups and will help to identify opportunities to encourage investments. The Maltese and UAE Governments also plan on using a series of key performance indicators; these will be collected from various national and organizational levels and subsequent adequate measures will be implemented to improve government performance.
Malta and the United Arab Emirates have also agreed upon initiating a mobile platform that will provide a smart one-stop-shop for joined government services. Officials from the two countries motivated their decision to use a mobile platform by highlighting the importance of creating innovating and inspirational solutions.

Other agreements between Malta and the UAE

Foreign investors from the United Arab Emirates in Malta benefit from the provisions of the double tax treaty signed between the two jurisdictions. The taxes to which the agreement apply are the income tax and the corporate tax in case of UAE and the income tax in Malta.
Malta as also signed double tax treaties with other countries. For detailed information about these types of agreements as well as the policy for foreign investments in the country you can contact our company registration experts in Malta.

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