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Stronger Performance in the Gozo Tourism Sector

Written by: Bridgewest

Stronger-Performance-in-the-Gozo-Tourism-Sector.jpgThe Gozo island in Malta recorded a significant increase in tourism in 2015. According to the data released by the Gozo Tourism Association, more than 60% of all hotels and other tourist establishments on the island reported that they performed better than in 2014. Malta is a popular Mediterranean destination and many foreign investors open business related to tourism here.

Gozo’s tourism performance in 2015

The Gozo Tourism Association recently released a statement that reflects the country’s good performance in the tourism sector. Last year, tour operators, hotels, restaurants and other tourist establishments performed better than in 2014. Out of the interviewed business owners who activate in a wide range of touristic sectors, 64% declared that they performed better than in 2014 and 28% stated that their profit levels remained the same. Less than 10% declared that 2014 was a better year for business.
A notable improvement was also seen in the number of foreign tourists: 68% of all the tour operators in Gozo declared that 2015 has seen an increase of foreign visitors in Malta. 45% of the tourism establishments questioned for this study believe that 2016 will be a better year than 2015 in terms of business performance.  

Tourism in Gozo

Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago and a very popular touristic destination, after the island of Malta itself. The popularity of this region is owed to its scenic landscapes and a legendary association to the home island of the nymph Calypso, from Homer’s Odyssey. 
The Azure Window is perhaps the island’s most notable landmark but tourists gather here for the natural rural beauty and the numerous beaches and seaside resorts. Foreign investors who want to open a travel agency here need to first register a Maltese company. This is a simple process and investors can request additional help from our company registration experts.
Alternatively, international tour operators and companies can open a branch in Malta or in Gozo and start local tourism-oriented activities.
For more detailed information about investments in Gozo, you can contact our company formation experts in Malta.

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