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The Valletta Cruise Port, the best Terminal Operator in 2015

Written by: Bridgewest

The-Valletta-Cruise-Port-the-best-Terminal-Operator-in-2015.jpgThe award for best Terminal Operator in 2015 was issued to the Valletta Cruise Port, for its well-developed facilities and the high-quality services provided. Valletta is a natural deep-water harbour that serves many purposes. Foreign investors in Malta benefit from the services of the harbour and its location, especially those involved in imports and exports.

Excellent performance for delivering services

The Valletta Cruise Port received the Best Terminal Operator award for 2015 from Cruise Insight, a prestigious magazine that provides insights and comments into the cruise industry.
The Port received the award for its excellent services, the responsiveness, drive and professionalism of its employees. Excellent passenger satisfaction was also included on the list of achievements for this port.
Malta has seen an increase in the total number of passengers passing through its most important port in 2015. A total number of 668,277 passengers were recorded, which means that the increase was with about 29% larger than in 2014. The increasing trend is expected to continue and officials believe that Malta will record over 700,000 passengers in 2016.

Maritime services provided by the Valletta Port

The Port of Valletta provides a wide range of services for ship owners and those who want to engage in maritime transportation. These services include ship repair facilities, ship handling, ship reception facilities, numerous options for cruise and ferry ships, particularly useful for tourism agencies who provide their clients with various ship tours in Malta. 
The port area also has a large storage area, complete with open storage facilities. Various fees apply to the facilities offered by the Port and they are usually calculated according to vessel tonnage. 
Valletta is Malta’s capital city and also its economic, administrative and trade centre. The Valletta Port allows the city to be very well connected to other countries and it is of great importance for the country’s trade sector.
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