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Relocating Your Business in Malta after Brexit

Written by: Bridgewest

Relocating-your-business-in-Malta-after-BrexitBrexit leaves a trail of questions behind and creates confusion among investors with companies in the UK. Most of them wonder where to go next, especially when considering the implications and costs of relocating a company after Brexit. Below you can find five of the most important reasons why Malta should be taken into consideration as a company relocation destination after Brexit.

1.Malta remains in the EU after Brexit

It is well-known that Malta was a British colony centuries ago and its legislation is mainly based on the British one. However, Malta is now an independent country with a solid legislation based on offering foreign investors an excellent business environment, but most importantly, Malta is still an EU country even after the Brexit.

2.Malta’s foreign investment laws welcome UK companies after Brexit

Many foreign but also local investors in the UK are now struggling to find the right country to relocate to after Brexit. With a strong legislation favoring foreign investment and company relocation, Malta could be a solution for many of these investors. Our Maltese company formation representatives can offer detailed information on the foreign investment laws.

3.Malta’s tax system is worth considering when relocating after Brexit

With a taxation system that provides for numerous tax exemption or deductions and with a wide network of double tax treaties, Malta should definitely be on the radar of investors who want to relocate after the UK leaves the EU. Malta’s corporate tax despite being set at a 35% rate, can drop to 5% with the right tax minimization solutions.

4.The Maltese Commercial Law provides for company redomiciliation

One of the unique features of the Maltese Company Act is that it was amended so it offers companies in an EU country to migrate their businesses to this country. With the UK staying in the EU for the next two years, company redomiciliation to Malta should be easy at the moment. Our company registration agents can help you move your company to Malta after Brexit.

5.Malta has enabled several residence programs for investors

During the last few years, Malta enabled various programs which allow foreign investors to take up residence here if some conditions are met. These programs are very advantageous and also provide for good investment opportunities.

For complete information about Malta as a business destination after Brexit, do not hesitate to contact our company incorporation consultants.


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