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Malta Promotes Financial Services in Hong Kong


The representatives of Malta and Hong Kong discussed extending their cooperation in the financial services sector. The Maltese Prime Minister and the representative of the Malta Financial Services Authority met with Hong Kong officials and they agreed upon new regulations for promoting financial services.

Malta Encourages Companies to Hire Persons with Disabilities


The Government plans to allocate 12 million euros from EU funds to Maltese companies employing persons with disabilities. The scheme is part of the Access to Employment (A2E) program and aims to help both companies and the segment of Maltese workforce with disabilities.

Malta Enterprise Launches Certify Scheme


Malta Enterprise launched a new scheme, called the Certify Scheme, in order to facilitate certifications and quality marks obtained by Maltese companies. The Certify Scheme should also increase competitiveness between companies. Among the incentives provided through the Certify Scheme are tax credits.

Family Business Act to Welcome Foreign Investors in Malta


The Ministry of the Economy, Investment and Small Business in Malta launched a new legislative project for the protection of small and medium sized family businesses. The new Family Business Act addresses the risks these companies have to face on the market. The Ministry of Economy also contemplates the possibility of allowing small family business outside the country to be relocated to Malta. The new legislation has the role of protecting family businesses due to their importance for the Maltese economy.

Malta Registers Increases in Intellectual Property Registration


Recent studies have shown an increasing trend in the registration of intellectual property among both Maltese sole traders and companies. All computer programmers and engineers are encouraged to register their work with the Maltese Trademark Office. In light of the development of the gaming and software industries in Malta, more and more companies have started to register their work as intellectual property.

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