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The Valletta Cruise Port, the best Terminal Operator in 2015


The award for best Terminal Operator in 2015 was issued to the Valletta Cruise Port, for its well-developed facilities and the high-quality services provided. Valletta is a natural deep-water harbour that serves many purposes. Foreign investors in Malta benefit from the services of the harbour and its location, especially those involved in imports and exports.

Stronger Performance in the Gozo Tourism Sector

The Gozo island in Malta recorded a significant increase in tourism in 2015. According to the data released by the Gozo Tourism Association, more than 60% of all hotels and other tourist establishments on the island reported that they performed better than in 2014. Malta is a popular Mediterranean destination and many foreign investors open business related to tourism here.

Increased Number of Foreign Direct Investments in Malta


Foreign direct investments in Malta grew during 2015 and amounted to approximately 5.2 billion EUR during the first six months. The National Statistics Office released new data which confirms an overall growth of investment activities in the country. Two of the business activities that received the most FD in 2015 were finance and insurance. 

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