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Guidelines for VAT Taxation of Education Service Providers in Malta


Maltese authorities have released a new set of guidelines regarding the manner in which the value added tax is imposed on the supplies offered by education services providers in the country. Maltese companies or registered individuals who provide training course or any other types of education services are generally exempt from VAT taxation. Our company registration experts in Malta can help you comply with these new rules and regulations. 

5 Small Business Ideas in Malta


Malta promotes corporate development and foreign investments. Small businesses are important for the country’s economic growth and are also one of the types of companies that provide new sources of employment. While finance might be an entrepreneur’s biggest hurdle, small businesses in Malta can thrive. A good business plan and an idea that fits the market are two of the most important characteristics for success.

Relocating Your Business in Malta after Brexit


Brexit leaves a trail of questions behind and creates confusion among investors with companies in the UK. Most of them wonder where to go next, especially when considering the implications and costs of relocating a company after Brexit. Below you can find five of the most important reasons why Malta should be taken into consideration as a company relocation destination after Brexit.


The Superyacht Industry, a Sector of the Future in Malta


A new study on the superyacht industry in Malta carried out a while back revealed the development potential this sector has. According to the Malta Institute of Management which has commissioned the report, the superyacht sector could contribute significantly to the Maltese economy in the future. Our company formation representatives in Malta can guide you through the vessel registration procedure.

Malta Debates Improvment of Foreign Investments Legislation


Even if it is one of the most attractive EU countries in terms of foreign investmentsMalta is continuously striving to improve its legislation and to create new opportunities for those interested in opening companies on the country’s islands. This time, one of the most prestigious financial companies in Malta has proposed five investment areas which could boost the country’s economy.

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