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Aquaculture, an Industry for the Future in Malta


Malta is a renowned maritime centre in Europe which is why the number of companies in the maritime industry has also grown during the last few years. An interesting fact is the fast development of the aquaculture industry starting 2015. Even if foreign investors had started opening fish farming companies a few years back in Malta, the sector became visible in 2014 when their incomes began increasing gradually. If you are interested in opening a company in Malta, our company registration agents can assist you.

Malta Rises 8 Places in the Global Competitiveness Report


Malta is a small European country on the Old Continent, however in the last several years have started to become more and more visible at international level due to the Government’s efforts to offer an attractive business environment. These efforts are paid every year that Malta ranks higher in the indexes issued by prestigious associations and institutions all over the world. In 2016, Malta rose 8 places in the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Competitiveness Index (GCI). Our company registration agents can assist those who want to open a company in Malta.

Malta Launched Two New Funding Programs for SMEs


For the 2014-2020 period of time, Malta has enabled a sustainable program which would lead to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). During the first two years of the program, several schemes were launched, schemes which have turned out very successful. Recently, the Maltese Chamber of Commerce announced two new programs meant to assist companies in Malta. Our company registration agents can assist foreign investors who want to open a company in Malta.

The Maltese Government Released the 2017 Budget


At the end of October, the Maltese Government released the new 2017 Budget. Among the aspects of the new budget, the authorities wanted to emphasize several incentives for companies operating in Malta, as well as the renewal of several schemes which have proved successful during the last few years. The Maltese Chamber of Commerce also announced that a large portion of these measures will be implemented before the end of 2016. Our agents can assist foreign investors who want to open a company in Malta.

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