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DBRS Confirms A Rating for the Maltese Economy

Written by: Bridgewest

DBRS-confirms-A-rating-for-Maltese-economyAt the end of April, DBRS, one of the most prestigious credit rating agency in the world, has confirmed Malta’s A rating for the long-term foreign and local currency. This rating reflects Malta’s position in the European Union. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in this country can rely on the services offered by our Maltese company formation consultants.

Malta’s rating was influenced by the strong export numbers

After issuing the A rating for Malta at the end of 2016, last month DBRS confirmed it based on several factors which have positively influenced the economy. Among these, the measures undertaken by the government to strengthen the fiscal measures, the macroeconomic policies which enabled the authorities offer access financial facilities from the EU institutions, but also thanks to the strong growth of exports registered by Malta since the beginning of the year. Malta servers a trading point for all other European countries, but it also offers easy access to EU visitors which has led to a very developed tourism industry which weighs a lot in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. Our company registration agents in Malta can assist those interested in starting a business in the tourism industry.

Also, any vulnerability which could endanger Malta’s economic evolution (such as a slowdown of other European economies) would be counterbalanced by the strong fiscal position and by the country’s performance.

Malta also has a solid external position within the EU

And this is a fact that goes back a few years. Between 2011 and 2015 Malta had finished the financial year with an average account surplus of 3.9% of the GDP. During the same years, Malta was one of the most resilient countries in the EU and thus barely relied on outside financing as its banking industry is one of the strongest in the EU. Maltese households and the stable financial system have also backed the banking sector and made it a reliable funding source especially for local companies in need of financing for their activities.

For full information on the investment opportunities available in the country, please contact us. Our company formation representatives can also help if you want to open a company in Malta.


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