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Guidelines for Tax Incentives for Companies in Malta

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A favorable tax regime and a business environment suitable for all kinds of activities stand in most cases at the base of company incorporation in a certain country. This is also the case of Malta, a state in which the foreign investors are encouraged to enlarge their portfolios with the help of varied and relaxed incentives. The company registration process in Malta can be explained and also guided by our specialists in company incorporation in Malta.

Reduced rates in Malta

Businesses engaged in special types of operations can benefit from tax incentives in Malta. An example in this matter is the investment tax credit which varies in accordance with the business structure and the conditions imposed. For example, such tax is reduced to 50% if investments have been made in technology and equipment. The same percentage applies to companies which created new jobs, as they benefit from a 50% tax relief regarding the salary expenses for the first two years of activity. In the same area of investments, one should know that a company in Malta will receive 50% of the money used for machinery purchase. Also, if investments in the structure, office spaces and industrial plants have been made, the companies will receive 20% of the amount of the investment.
Boosting the business field in Malta represents a priority for the Maltese authorities. Foreign investors can establish their business presence in Malta and can obtain complete support and guidelines in company registration matters from our Maltese company formation agents.

Domains in which tax incentives are offered in Malta

The above-mentioned incentives offered to companies in Malta refer to particular types of activities. If your area of interest regards the pharmaceuticals, electronics, plastics, and chemicals, or biotechnology, then your company in Malta is subject to several tax reliefs. Additionally, one should know that Malta has signed numerous double taxation treaties with countries worldwide, in order to avoid the taxation on profits twice or to benefit from tax exemptions.
If you are a foreign business person who wants to open a company in Malta, we kindly invite you to contact our company incorporation representatives in Malta for complete support.

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