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Malta and France to Deepen Commercial Relations

Written by: Bridgewest

Malta-and-France-to-deepen-commercial-relationsMalta and France have had close economic relations, however the National Bank and the Maltese-French Chamber of Commerce consider there is still room for enhancing their cooperation in order to provide businesses in both countries with new investment opportunities. This is how a new agreement between Malta and France was signed close to the end of May. Our company formation agents in Malta can offer information on the country’s trade agreements with France.

The National Bank and the Chamber of Commerce to extend the assistance to companies

Malta and France have deep trading relations, mainly because of the outstanding cooperation between the National Bank, which has supported the activities of Maltese and French joint projects, and the Chamber of Commerce of the two countries which is another enabler of these relations.

Through the recently signed agreement, which was descried as formality, the Maltese National Bank and the Chamber of Commerce have come to an understanding to promote trade and commercial relations between the two countries and to further support the collaboration of Maltese and French companies through financing programs. One of the most important areas the two authorities will cooperate on is the human resources field.

Our Maltese company formation agents can offer information on the double taxation agreement with France.

The French tourist market is important for Malta

One of the most important industries in Malta is tourism and a large portion of the European market share in this sector is represented by French tourists. Recent reports show that the number of French visitors entering Malta between January and November 2016 rose by 11%. A great portion of this percentage was represented by French citizens coming to Malta for business purposes which means the Maltese-French Chamber of Commerce has done a great job in supporting the business community.

The Chamber is also the first contact point for French citizens seeking to open companies in Malta and the integration of the Bank of Valletta in this partnership will make Malta more attractive for French investors.

Malta is opened to all foreign investors seeking to open companies here, so if you are interested in registering a business, please feel free to contact us.


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