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Malta Announces New Projects Related to the Energy Industry

Written by: Bridgewest

Malta-announces-new-projects-related-to-the-energy-industryThe Malta Business Bureau has announced the launch of the Investing in Energy Project which will match energy suppliers with companies seeking to increase the energy efficiency of their business. Apart from this project, the Maltese government has also announced the expansion of the PV (photovoltaic) scheme for private consumers in the country. Our company incorporation consultants in Malta can offer information on the PV program.

What does the Malta Investing in Energy imply?

The renewable energy industry has come a long way in Malta and its developments has given way to many changes for companies supplying energy from green sources. The government played in important role in the developed of the renewable energy sector and encouraged both suppliers and consumers to use electricity and water obtained from sources entering special categories.

One of the projects enabled by the government is the Investing in Energy Program which eases the connection of suppliers and commercial consumers interested in enhancing the efficiency of their businesses in terms of energy consumption. In the beginning, medium-sized companies in Malta in the manufacturing, import, retail and distribution sectors are invited to participate to the project and will be supported by the Trade Register and the Regulator for Energy and Water Services in accessing the program.

The Malta PV initiative was also renewed

Launched in 2016, the photovoltaic scheme enabled private consumers to use photovoltaic equipment to generate most of the energy used by citizens and residents in Malta. Since the scheme attracted 17,000 households last year, the government decided to renew it for a second year. In 2017, Malta will allocate 60 million EU funds for those interested in using clean energy sources. This way, the central authorities hope to help both Maltese citizens and companies to reduce energy bills, respectively to expand their businesses, not to mention the huge potential of attracting new investors interested in the energy sector.

For information on the regulations related to the energy industry in Malta, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also rely on the company formation services provided by our agents in Malta if you want to start a business in this sector.


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