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Malta Ranked First in EU Top for High-growth Enterprises

Written by: Bridgewest

Malta-ranks-first-in-EU-top-for-high-growth-enterprisesStatistics show that Maltese companies are best placed in the European Union’s high-growth enterprises chart for two years in a row now. 2014 and 2015 have brought a significant increase in economic performance for companies in most sectors in Malta, according to statistics. Our company registration agents in Malta can assist foreign investors who want to start businesses in this country.

Malta outpaces the United Kingdom and Ireland in terms of high-growth companies

Once known as some of the best countries to do business in, the UK and Ireland toped EU statistics, however since 2014, Maltese companies have started to gain terrain in these surveys, with more than 12% of the total number of companies registered here registered an impressive economic performance. Last year’s table shows the UK and Ireland just below Malta. In 2014 and 2015 almost 10% of the Maltese companies with a minimum number of 10 employees were attested as high-growth enterprises by the European Union. These companies have accounted for the creation of 12 million new work places.

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What were the factors leading to Maltese companies’ economic performance?

One of the most important factor leading to Malta’s place in the EU’s report the good average annual growth registered by companies here and the employment rate which also grew by more than 10% on a yearly basis during 2014 and 2015. These factors are considered very important by the European Union when it comes to the economic health of a country.

The services sector registered the highest increase, according to statistics. Broken down in segments, information and communication registered a 15% increase, administrative services registered close to 13% growth and transportation companies registered a 11% increase, according to Eurostat. These numbers are reflected by 256 companies in Malta.

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