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Malta to Enable New Platform to Assist SMEs

Written by: Bridgewest

Malta-to-enable-new-platform-for-SMEsThe Maltese Chamber of Commerce and the government have agreed upon the launch of a new platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through which these companies will benefit from assistance when planning their exports and the internationalization of their activities. The assistance will come under the form of financing. Our company incorporation agents in Malta can assist foreign investors who want to open companies in this country.

The amount to be dedicated to Maltese SMEs is over 900,000 euros

The project will be executed by Trade Malta, the agency which was enabled by the Maltese government in 2014 and which ever since has helped a great number of trading companies who sought to offer their services or sell their products outside the country. This time, the platform developed by Trade Malta will invest more than 900,000 euros from EU funds in small and medium-sized companies planning to expand abroad. Whether exporting or internationalizing their activities outside Malta, the platform will enable the proper solution for each company.

Trade Malta has also announced three tenders for local companies interested in helping SMEs to develop. Our company formation consultants in Malta can offer more information on the requirements for companies to be considered SMEs.

How will the platform help Maltese SMEs?

The first step to assist Maltese companies will be the creation of a directory with all the exporting companies. SMEs interested in exporting goods outside Malta will also be allowed to register with the new directory. Secondly, Trade Malta will carry out three surveys in order to establish customers’ requests and satisfaction with the products created locally.

Maltese companies will also be assisted in creating several presentation videos on their products and services for marketing purposes. The third tender will imply gathering data about the most sought industries in Malta and foreign markets companies can address.

The program will operate until 2020 and Maltese companies need to enter Trade Malta’s site and register with the platform.

For full information on import and export requirements, please contact our company registration representatives in Malta.


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