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Reasons Why Maltese Economy Grew Significantly in Q3 in 2017

Written by: Editor

Q3 revealed significant attributes for Malta in 2017. More tourists, a bigger consumer confidence, and low real estate property prices stood at the base of the flourishing Maltese economy for the past year. The authorities have always sustained the foreign direct investments by presenting and implementing numerous incentives in this field. If you want to set up a company in Malta as a foreign entrepreneur, you may address your inquiries to our company formation agents in Malta.

Which sectors gave a solid contribution to the economy in Malta?

The significant growth of the Maltese economy for Q3 in 2017 was sustained by the development of exports, manufacturing, construction, and services, giving the GDP (gross domestic product) a rise of 2.2%. The Individual Investor Programme in Malta was also taken into consideration when revealing the numbers of Malta’s excellent economic movements in Q3 of 2017. The retail sector met important developments in the same period, as the confidence rose to 8 points from -3 points registered in the previous quarter. The services sector in Malta were also part of the overall economic growth, as they registered an important development, by adding 6 points compared to Q2.
Knowing the performant industries in Malta will lead investors to successful businesses in this country. We remind that the company incorporation process in Malta can be overseen by our Maltese specialists in company formation who stand at your disposal with various details and complete support in this matter.

How tourism helped Malta to gain economic weight

The efforts made the Maltese government in the past few years are showing excellent results in many fields of interest, starting with Q3 in 2017. Among these, the tourism sector proved successful if we examine the numbers of tourists who visited Malta. An increase of 12.6% in Malta’s tourism and around 800,000 visitors are the elements which raised the confidence in this sector and make the authorities want more awareness and good programmes to offer. Above all, the government’s revenues increased by approximately EUR 190 million compared to the same Q3 for 2016, and the debt-to-GDP rate fell 1.6% points or to approximately EUR 24 million.
Because the numbers speak for Malta in a transparent way, there are many foreigners who want to invest in this country. Please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation experts in Malta for support and guidelines in company registration.

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