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The Benefits of a VAT Reduction in the Food Sector

Written by: Editor

Considering the rate of success in Greece regarding the tax measures which were recently adopted, the government in Malta is interested in the same actions in the food and beverage sector. A reduced VAT might be the necessary tax strategy for the next two years in the consumption sector. Tax reliefs are already offered to foreign investors looking to thrive in Malta’s significant sectors. If you would like to know information about company formation in Malta and the rules in this matter, we invite you to talk to our team of specialists in company incorporation in Malta.

Examining the European tax measures

Besides Greece, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and the Netherlands have already reduced the VAT in the food and beverage sector, particularly the one imposed for consumption in restaurants. Reducing the VAT will boost the tourism sector in Malta, and therefore a win-win situation for business owners and the economy will be met. Also, the business owners can concentrate on providing better training courses for their employees. Restaurant owners in Malta could be motivated by a VAT reduction if the government agrees on the fact that this was the key to success for many countries in Europe.

Analyzing the PFK report for future tax measures in Malta

According to PFK (one of the largest financial firms in the world) report for Malta which sums up complete details about the tax system in the country and about the measures that can be adopted in the future to come, Malta represents a solid candidate for a VAT reduction in the food sector. The target is to avoid potential tax risks and issues, after a complete analysis of the country’s taxation system.
We invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in Malta and find our information about how to open a company in Malta.

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