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Crypto-Broker in Malta

Updated on Sunday 22nd May 2022

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Crypto-broker in Malta
Would you like to work as a crypto-broker in Malta? Find out in this article the steps to follow to set up a company or work as a sole trader in Malta. The formalities are quite simple and can be managed by one of our company formation agents in Malta, with experience in this field.

What does a cryptocurrency broker do?

Crypto-brokers are the intermediaries that make the connection between the cryptocurrency markets, and their sales and purchase by the clients. A crypto-broker in Malta can work on his own if he obtains the necessary license or he/she can set up a company to deal with this type of activity. Regardless of the choice, it is good to keep in mind the following formalities and rules that apply in Malta:
  • The Malta Financial Services Authority or MFSA is the authority that controls the financial market and its activities. It provides the necessary licenses for crypto-brokers in Malta.
  • It is necessary to detail the platform that will connect the cryptocurrency markets with potential customers. A stable and viable business plan must be submitted to the relevant authorities.
  • In the case of opening a crypto brokerage firm, the basic rules are followed. License is required before activating.
We remind you that our company formation agents in Malta can deal in detail with the registration formalities for crypto-brokers in Malta. Both local and foreign investors can call on our services.

Are there any differences between crypto-broker in Malta and exchanges?

Crypto-broker in Malta facilitates the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies with the help of developed and implemented platforms. They can also set the sale and purchase prices without any restrictions. In terms of cryptocurrency exchange, this is a platform where users can trade cryptocurrency without an intermediary and respect the market price. In both cases, there are specific fees that apply to each cryptocurrency transaction.
Learn from our specialists how to register your activities as a crypto-broker in Malta.

Crypto-broker services, an excellent choice for novice investors

If you are planning to open a company in Malta for the first time, then you can choose to register a cryptocurrency broker company and benefit from protection from the beginning. These types of activities are appreciated in the dedicated cryptocurrency market, and the investors at the beginning of the road can make a profit in a fairly fast time. Buying or selling cryptocurrencies is done with the help of dedicated platforms, provided by crypto-brokers in Malta. Here are some advantages in this regard:
  1. Suitable for a small number of cryptocurrencies.
  2. The crypto-broker can set the price for buyers and sellers.
  3. Currency exchanges such as Euro, Dollars, GBP, or Swiss franc are accepted.
  4. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies are protected by dedicated technology systems.
Here are some statistics about cryptocurrency in Malta:
  1. February 2019 saw the largest trading volume in cryptocurrency, totaling around USD 35.9 billion.
  2. About 75% of suspicious exchanges were also registered on the virtual currency market, according to the report for February 2019.
Those interested in crypto-brokers in Malta, either for the establishment of such services or for their use are advised to turn to a team of specialists with experience in this field. We invite you to contact our Maltese local agents for more information on this case.

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