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Main Reasons for Doing Business in Malta

Updated on Wednesday 02nd December 2020

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Set-up-an-investment-fund-in-MaltaMalta is a diversified financial center that hosts a large number of international companies and investors. The country offers a wide range of business opportunities, plus the proper environment for development. We present to you the main reasons for doing business in Malta, mentioning that our company incorporation agents in Malta can offer assistance and support for starting a business in this country. We can assist both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs throughout the entire company formation process.

Malta has a stable economy

With a steady gross domestic product, the insular state has a diversified economy sustained by well-developed industries like manufacturing, tourism, IT, gaming, and many more. Here are some facts and figures that highlight the business and economic direction of Malta:
1. Approximately USD 206 billion was the total FDI stock for Malta in 2019.
2. The total FDI stock of Malta in 2019 represented around 1,425% of the country’s GDP.
3. Around 97% of the total FDIs in Malta were directed to financial and insurance activities.
4. There are more than 31,000 companies with foreign stockholders, registered in Malta.
5. According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Malta ranks 88th out of 190 economies in the world.
Malta provides a great economic environment for business development of any kind. Plus, it is a solid and representative business hub for international entrepreneurs who want to develop their activities in this part of Europe. No matter the type of business you intend to start in Malta, feel free to send us your inquiries and let us help you. Our specialists in company incorporation in Malta have experience in this area can offer their support.

A reduced bureaucracy in Malta

The Maltese government cut down the bureaucracies and formalities by implementing a single regulator for the financial sector. This is the Malta Financial Services Authority that offers a streamlined and smooth process for companies in the insular state. Even so, the rules and regulations imposed are quite flexible and allow foreign and local investors to develop in a safe and appreciated business environment. Doing business in Malta is quite simple and beneficial.

A competitive tax regime in Malta

Malta offers a competitive and appealing tax system among EU countries. 35% is the corporate tax rate imposed on company profits. Yet, company stockholders can claim refunds on dividend distribution, reducing the tax by around 5%. The double taxation treaties signed by Malta with countries worldwide is another protection from a tax point of view, to avoid fiscal evasion and paying twice the taxes on profits. We can assist entrepreneurs to register for taxation in Malta.

Malta, a blockchain island

The first regulatory framework for blockchain and cryptocurrency was established in Malta, the insular state being host to a large number of international cryptocurrency companies. The registration of such a company is straightforward, so if you are interested in this matter, you can discuss it with our specialists. Doing business in Malta comes with a wide range of advantages.

An important start-up hub

The fintech sector hosts numerous start-ups that develop relatively fast, in a great business environment. The right business conditions are highly appreciated by tech companies in the insular state. There are specific start-up programs offered by the Maltese government for foreign start-ups. You can discuss with our agents if you need complete information.

An experienced and skilled workforce

In terms of productivity, the workforce in Malta is quite appreciated. This is one of the most flexible in Europe and cost-friendly to companies hiring local staff. It is important to note that around 88% of the Maltese population speaks fluently English. Doing business in Malta should also observe the labor force available in the country.

A great infrastructure in Malta

Another reason for doing business in Malta regards the great infrastructure, one of the most appreciated in Europe. The private sector took a large part of the credits for building proper and highly-developed infrastructure like the one in the insular state.

A safe business environment and country

Doing business in Malta means, in most cases living in the insular state, one of the safest countries in Europe, with one of the lowest crime rates on the continent. Malta is one of the most open international business hubs you will very much appreciate.
If you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants to open a company in Malta, please feel free to contact our team of company formation agents in Malta.

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