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Gambling Activities in Malta

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Gambling-activities-in-MaltaThere are several years now since Malta has become the largest gambling hub in Europe. Thanks to a favorable legislation and facilities granted to gambling operators, this industry has become one of the most prolific bringing substantial contributions to the economy. Land-based or online, gambling activities are present in most parts of Malta.

Our company registration consultants in Malta can assist foreign investors interested in investing in this industry.

The development of gambling activities in Malta

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the main regulatory body for carrying out gambling activities in Malta. The MGA is also in charge with issuing the specific licenses for operating gambling facilities in this country. The most developed branch of the gaming industry is the lotteries one, however Malta also relies on the other gambling activities, such as casinos, online casinos, slot machines, bingo and betting. A new sector which has started to develop in the recent years is cruise casinos.

Foreign investors seeking to set up a gambling facility in Malta may apply for one of the four types of licenses issued by the MGA, provided that they meet the capital requirements. Even if there are four classes of license, an operator carrying out gambling activities in Malta may apply for three of them, the other one being for those creating software for these type of activities.

Why set up gambling operations in Malta?

Malta is one of the EU countries offering some of the lowest corporate taxes due to its imputation system which favors foreign investors and a law customized to the gambling operators’ needs. As a plus, Malta’s membership to the EU allows those opening casinos or conducting other types of gambling activities to offer their products on the Community Market. Moreover, the MGA also launched several programs meant to promote responsible gambling, which made the country even more attractive in terms of meeting the legal requirements imposed by the European legislation.

If you are interested in opening a casino or any other type of gambling facility in Malta, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Maltese company formation agents can also offer information about the taxation of gaming activities.


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