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Obtain Import License in Malta

Updated on Sunday 06th June 2021

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Obtain import license in Malta.jpgThe import licence in Malta is valid for 8 months, with the possibility of extension. The formalities for obtaining an import license in Malta can be explained to you by our company formation agents in Malta with experience in this field. We present in this article some essential information about obtaining such a license in order to develop a trading company in Malta, with all the conditions respected.

What you need to know about the import licence in Malta

Most products destined for imports into Malta require a specific license that must be obtained before starting these commercial activities. The Schedules to the Import Control Regulations 2004 is the Import Duties Act in Malta which provides information on the categories of imports accepted on the territory of Malta, with the mention that the Malta Commerce Department is the institution entitled to provide specific authorizations in this field. Here's what you need to know about obtaining an import licence in Malta:
  1. A series of forms must be completed with information about the trading company applying for an import licence in Malta.
  2. According to the legislation in force, the company must be registered with the Trade and Company Register, but also with the Malta Customs Department in order to apply for the necessary license.
  3. The formalities for the import licence in Malta are verified in approximately 30 days, and then the approval is received in approximately 3 days.
  4. The Trade Services and Projects Directorates is the institution that offers import and export licenses in Malta, coordinated by the Maltese Commerce Department.
  5. The Certificate of Origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce is part of the import license application in Malta.
It is important to note that petroleum products can be imported from Malta into the European Union using the EMCS or Excise Movement and Control System and the Administrative Document. All these aspects regarding the Import Duties Act in Malta can be discussed with our specialists in the field. Our team of company training agents in Malta is ready to offer specialized help to foreign investors who want to open an import and export business in Malta.

Codes for importing products from Malta

HS Code 3004 is associated with the import of medicines. The documents required in this case must contain information about the manufacturer, conditions of use, ingredients, expiration date, and complete photos of the product.
HS Code 23808 is used for the import of pesticides, disinfectants, and other similar products. Here, too, a correct and complete description of the product intended for import is needed: manufacturer's name, authorization, product label, ingredient, expiration date, etc.
HS Code 2710 is associated with petroleum products for import. Fuel oils, kerosene, aviation fuels, and diesel fuels are the products that must have this code before import. A Certificate of Origin is required for such products.
Please note that the application for an import license in Malta must contain detailed information about the products, with tailored descriptions, unit of measure, quantity, manufacturer's name, country of origin and the code associated with the product category are important aspects to be mentioned on the forms provided. Find out as much as possible about the Import Duties Act in Malta from our specialists.

Some facts and figures about trading in Malta

Malta's economy ranks 125th in the world, with annual imports of approximately USD 15 billion. And exports amount to around USD 5 billion, most coming from countries such as Germany, Italy, and France. Here are other interesting statistics about the trading sector in Malta:
  1. Malta ranks 114th in the world in terms of exports.
  2. About 11% of the exports go to Germany every year.
  3. Malta imports comprising refined petroleum worth approximately USD 6 billion each year.
  4. Passenger and cargo ships worth around USD 953 billion represent notable imports into Malta.
  5. Malta ranks 85th in the world in terms of trade destination, hence the figure of approximately USD 15 billion.
  6. About 28% of Malta's imports come from Russia.
We invite foreign entrepreneurs to contact our team of company formation specialists in Malta and to discover as much information as possible about import licenses in Malta and the formalities involved. We offer complete help and assistance to those who want to open an import and export business in Malta.

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