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Labor Authorities in Malta

Updated on Sunday 04th March 2018

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Labor Authorities in Malta.jpgThe Employment Relations Board in Malta is controlled by the Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, and the Ministry for Social Dialogue. The institution is directly interested in the employment rights of individuals in Malta, whether locals or foreigners and oversees the work contracts in the insular state. Moreover, the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity, alongside with the Ministry for Education, Employment and Family are overseeing the employment matters in this country. The company formation in Malta is subject to less bureaucracy and foreign investors can direct the attention to hiring both local staff or from abroad. Our specialists in company formation agents in Malta can provide you with support when establishing a firm in Malta.

The Employment and Industrial Relations Act in Malta (EIRA)

EIRA is a set of laws which regulates the employment in Malta and comprises details about the labor conditions in a wide range of industries. The same law provides information about the following matters:
•    working days;
•    annual vacation leave;
•    public holidays;
•    maternity leave;
•    parental leave;
•    minimum special leave entitlement;
•    marriage leave;
•    sick leave;
•    overtime hours;
•    probation period.
The Employment Relations Board in Malta represent the rights of employees (nationals and foreigners) in this country at the Council for Economic and Social Development in Malta and must observe if the rules and regulations are properly implemented in the employment field. The human rights, the data protection, industrial and employment relations are among the obligations of the Ministry for Social Dialogue in Malta. As for the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity, alongside with the Ministry for Education, Employment and Family, these institutions are in charge of social, family, and child policies, community care, persons with disabilities and social housing.
Employers in Malta must respect the rights of workers and need to offer a legal contract in this sense and in respect to EIRA. For more details about the rules of employment and about company formation in Malta, you can get in touch with our Maltese team of company incorporation agents

Employment rights in Malta

All the work conditions of an employee in Malta are stipulated in the form of a legal contract offered at the time of hiring the personnel. The following aspects are mentioned in such contract which respects the EU labor laws and the local ones:
•    the period of the contract (fixed or long-term);
•    the payment;
•    the working hours;
•    the period of probation;
•    holiday payment;
•    the work category;
•    information about the collective agreement;
•    information about the company;
•    the worker’s personal information.
We mention that foreign investors in Malta must respect the local laws when hiring staff for their companies. If you need extra information about company registration in Malta and the conditions of employment, please do not hesitate to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Malta.

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