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Can I Open an Offshore Company in Malta?

Updated on Tuesday 31st August 2021

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Can I Open an Offshore Company in Malta.jpgMalta is considered an offshore business destination highly valued by international investors. Even though the authorities in the island state have taken various measures regarding the status of tax haven and the reform of offshore structures, Malta is still in the attention of those who want to register generous profits and enjoy a beneficial tax regime. Find out from our company formation specialists in Malta what are the rules for setting up an offshore company in Malta and how you can be helped in this process.

How can I register an offshore company in Malta?

Malta Private LLC is the most popular structure to have an offshore in this country. The advantages of the imposed or reduced taxes are among the first taken into account by international investors who choose Malta offshore company formation. Here is what the registration of such a company entails and what conditions must be observed:
  • • Single-member ownership is allowed for this structure, according to Maltese laws.
  • • A registered office in Malta is required to set up this company.
  • • You can appoint a local or foreign manager for Malta offshore company formation.
  • • A company secretary is needed for this business structure.
  • • Memorandum and Articles of Association are important documents for the establishment of an offshore Malta.
  • • Each shareholder must provide personal information, have a valid passport and pay the fees imposed for Malta offshore company formation.

What do Malta company formation fees entail?

There are several fees to be paid for Malta offshore company formation. Among them, we mention the following:
  • • Government registration fee of approximately EUR 245.
  • • authorization worth approximately EUR 1165.
  • • minimum annual fee of approximately EUR 245.
  • • Annual return filing fee of at least EUR 100.
We remind you that more details about Malta company formation fees can be found from our specialists.

Other conditions for the registration of an offshore Malta

In addition to the confirmation of the minimum registered capital, a confirmation of acceptance of the name for the company, minutes of the first meeting, details about the registration of members, company secretary maintenance will be requested. Everything related to Malta offshore company formation can be found at our specialists in this field.

In which sectors can Malta offshore company be established?

Malta offshore company formation can be found in areas such as e-commerce, maritime, online gambling, international trading, or for holding intellectual property rights. These are just a few examples of sectors in which you can set up a Malta offshore company, but for more details, you can contact our specialists. We are here to provide help and assistance to foreign investors interested in business in Malta.

Details about Malta offshore company taxation

As I mentioned earlier, the tax system in Malta is advantageous for international entrepreneurs. The "full imputation" taxation system involves the profits of companies, which are taxed at the standard rate of 35%. There are also special cases, for example when it comes to dividends distributed to individuals from taxed profits. In this situation, an imputation credit is applied on the tax that has already been paid by the company, which determines a final tax of 5% or even 0% under certain conditions. Thus, there is no double taxation.
Malta continues to be a tax haven, and this is evidenced by several tax exemptions such as no wealth tax, no withholding tax on dividends, no inheritance tax, and even no annual property tax. Therefore, the offshore structure is often used by foreign investors in Malta. Please note that more information about Malta company formation fees and taxes can be provided by our local agents.

Why invest in Malta

Undoubtedly, Malta is an excellent destination for those interested in generous profits. In addition to the advantageous taxation system, foreigners also enjoy flexible management of a company, the possibility to set up an offshore on their own, asset security, modern legislation, and the protection offered by double taxation treaties signed by Malta. Here are some statistics that show the solid economic position of Malta among the countries of the European Union:
  • • The total FDI registered in 2019 was of approximately EUR 206 billion.
  • • In terms of simplifying business formalities and beyond, Malta ranked 88th out of 190 world economies, according to the 2020 Doing Business report.
  • • GDP in Malta is 1425%, the highest rate in the world.
So, if you want more details about Malta offshore company formation, please contact our local agents.

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