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Management Services in Malta

Updated on Thursday 17th November 2022

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Management-Services-in-MaltaMany Maltese companies request management services from specialized providers. Management services become even more necessary for foreign investors opening companies in Malta and who are not fully accustomed to the legislation for companies and legal requirements in terms of company management.

Ever since its ascension to the European Union, the country has become a very appealing destination for foreign investors which led to the creation of many specialized companies offering company incorporation and management services in Malta.

What are the available management services in Malta?

Our Maltese agents in company formation will provide customers the following management services:

  • - nominee shareholders services,
  • - trust services,
  • - secretarial services.

In terms of company management, our company formation experts in Malta will provide nominee shareholders services. Companies are required to make available the names of their shareholders and directors for the Trade Register in Malta. However, the beneficiaries’ identity may also be confidential if they choose to appoint a nominee shareholder.

Even if the term “nominee shareholder” has been removed from the Maltese legislation, licensed companies in Malta can hold shares on behalf of the beneficiaries, according to the Civil Law Institute of Mandate. The greatest advantages nominee shareholders have are the high degree of confidentiality and the reduced time for company incorporation in Malta.

Trust services in Malta

Our experts in company incorporation in Malta will provide trust and trustee services for foreign investors looking to register a company. They will help clients to set up trusts in accordance to the Maltese legislation and will also provide maintenance services for trust assets. Our Maltese experts will also act as professional trustees and will provide fiduciary services. An important part of our trust services in Malta consist in maintaining the accounting records according to the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Our company formation agents in Malta provide tailored management services. You can contact us for details about investment incentives and company registration services in Malta.


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