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Manufacturing Food Products in Malta

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Manufacturing-food-products-in-MaltaOver time, the Maltese Government has enabled various laws in order to ensure the safe production of food and beverages. The main regulatory body providing for the manufacturing of food products in Malta is the Ministry for Health which enabled the Food Safety Act in 2004. All Maltese companies involved in manufacturing and distributing food products are required to follow the provisions of this law. The Ministry is supported by the Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority and the Food Safety Commission which are the main enforcers of the law.

Our company registration representatives in Malta can offer more information on the Food Safety Act.

Legislation related to manufacturing foodstuff in Malta

Even if the Food Safety Act is the main law providing for the production of food in Malta, companies must take into account that different regulations apply based on the foodstuff they are producing. Among these are:

  • -          the Dairy Farms Regulations;
  • -          the Meat Regulations;
  • -          the Sale of Fish Regulations;
  • -          the Canned Food Regulations;
  • -          the Additives in Food Regulations.

Maltese manufacturing companies must also respect labelling requirements, import and export procedures related to food products and public market regulations.

Requirements to manufacture food in Malta

All Maltese companies operating in the food manufacturing sector are required to apply for a food license. The employees handling the raw and finished products are also subject to stringent requirements. The employees must also have a food handling license issued by the Ministry of Health.

All food producers are required to have separate rooms or dedicated spaces where the merchandise is stored and then prepared. Also premises where food is manufactured should have washing places with basins dedicated to the food and, separately, to the personnel handling the food. Waste management disposals must also exist, as well as a ventilation system. The premises must also have special storage spaces with refrigerators for meat products, as well as storage spaces for vegetables and fruits.

Considering there are many requirements and licenses to be obtained when activating as food manufacturer, please contact our company formation agents in Malta for opening this type of business.


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