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Open a Catering Company in Malta

Updated on Monday 29th October 2018

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Open-a-Catering-Company-in-Malta.jpgStarting a catering company in Malta is in many cases a great business opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in obtaining profits in the appreciated and appealing food sector in Malta. A catering business can be registered with complete assistance and support offered by our team of company formation representatives in Malta. They can advise entrepreneurs to apply for the necessary licenses and permits for the catering business in Malta.

What are the necessary licenses for a catering company in Malta?

First of all, an entrepreneur must choose the business structure in order to establish a catering company and in most cases, the limited liability company and the sole proprietorship represent the suitable options in this case. The following requirements should be considered at the time you wish to register a company in the food sector:
  • the Food Safety Commission issues the necessary licenses for the catering company;
  • the Regional Environmental Healthcare Directorate releases the food safety certificate;
  • a Catering Establishment License is necessary for such type of business;
  • the same environmental department will analyze and inspect the premises before the catering business is opened.
It is to be mentioned the fact that the Food Safety Certificate is released if the sketch plan of the business location and the declaration affirming the proposal of the applicant are approved by the authorities. Instead of dealing with the formalities for the company registration in Malta, it is best to talk to our team of advisors who can also help you apply for other permits too, like the Public Sewer Discharge Permit.

Establishing the business as a sole trader in Malta

A business in the catering sector might address to those interested in acting like sole traders on the market. Being a simple business form, the formalities are in accordance, and the entrepreneur can rapidly start the catering company as soon as the necessary licenses and permits are obtained. It is good to know that the sole proprietorship can be incorporated under the rules of the Trade Register in Malta where the entrepreneurs can make a name verification before submitting the documents.
We kindly invite you to contact our team of company incorporation specialists in Malta and find out how you can start a business in the food sector in Malta

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