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Open a Company in the Farming Sector in Malta

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Open-a-company-in-the-farming-sector-in-MaltaEven if agriculture is not of the strongest industries in Malta, the government has found ways through which enterprisers can open companies in the sector. This is because agriculture has various branches which can be exploited and one of the most prolific ones is fishing. However, agriculture is not limited to fishing businesses in Malta, as investors can also set up farms here. As a matter of fact, organic farming is a segment of the agriculture industry itself.

Foreign investors who want to open a farm in this country must comply with the regulations imposed by the Agricultural Leases Law. Our company incorporation agents in Malta can offer information on this law.

Entities used to set up companies in the farming sector in Malta

Starting a business in the farming industry in Malta implies buying or leasing one or more land plots from the state and cultivating various crops or building facilities for the processing of agricultural products or even growing animals.

Before one gets to that point, he or she must first register one of the types of structures available in Malta with the Trade Register. From this point of view the sole proprietorship or the limited liability company are the most suitable ones. However, Maltese farmers can also organize as:

  • -          voluntary organizations which must be registered with the Commission for Voluntary Organizations;
  • -          cooperatives;
  • -          trade unions which must register with the Registry of Trade Unions Registers.

Our Maltese company formation consultants can offer information on these types of structures available for opening a company in the farming sector.

Licenses which must be obtained by farmers in Malta

Once the land plot is leased or bought and registered with the Land Register and the Maltese business form is also registered accordingly, the farm must only obtain a license from the Directorate for Agriculture.

Since earlier we mentioned organic farming which in Malta is found quite often, one must know that farming companies must undergo certification with the same Agriculture Directorate in order to produce this type of products.

For full information on how to set up a business in the farming industry in Malta, please contact us. Our company registration advisors in Malta can also help you with the formation of the company. 


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