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Open a Fintech Company in Malta

Updated on Thursday 16th August 2018

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Open-a-Fintech-Company-in-Malta.jpgWith financial and investment services permits issued by Malta Financial Services Authority or MFSA as it is known, foreign entrepreneurs can easily set up a fintech company in Malta’s prolific industry. Knowing the positive trends and the remarkable growth of the fintech industry in Malta, numerous business persons decide for investments in this field. We invite you to solicit information about how to set up a fintech company in Malta from our team of company incorporation agents in Malta.

What is a fintech company?

A fintech company offers the necessary financial technology for other companies dealing in the financial sector, whether as a bank or other related institution. In other words, the technological innovation is implemented in the financial sector to offer varied solutions in business transactions and commercial finance. Since banking is a solid sector worldwide, the introduction of innovation and technology through all sorts of financial products like secured online payments can only simplify the daily activities.

What type of fintech company can I open in Malta?

There are several types of fintech companies that you can open in Malta, depending on the activities you wish to implement in the financial sector, such as:
  • electronic money companies that offer services for online payment of goods and services;
  • investment funds established with digital currencies available for trading worldwide;
  • varied payment solutions offered in the banking system in Malta;
  • crowdfunding companies to promote and sustain small businesses worldwide.
The fintech sector in Malta has seen a booming expansion in the past decade, making the country a suitable business destination appreciated by international investors. If you decide for opening a fintech company in Malta, please feel free to address to our Maltese company formation specialists for support, information, and assistance.

IT professionals in the fintech sector in Malta

Varied startups in the fintech sector in Malta are developed by talented and professional IT specialists interested in the direction of technological solutions in the financial field. Malta is an important financial player which benefits from a wide range of experienced IT experts in a competitive market. Foreign investors are attracted by the numerous business opportunities in the fintech sector in Malta and can easily generate money in this productive field, thanks to a skilled workforce available in this country.
If you are interested in opening a fintech company in Malta, please feel free to contact our company incorporation representatives in Malta at any time.

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