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Open a Jewelry Business in Malta

Updated on Friday 21st September 2018

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Open-a-Jewelry-Business-in-Malta.jpgOpening a jewelry shop in Malta might be a great business opportunity for the entrepreneurs who want to make important profits in a generous market. Foreigners can think of opening small jewelry shops with handmade or imported products and act as sole traders on the market or they can establish branches of their companies dealing with jewelry products in the home countries. In any case, we invite you to talk to our team of company formation agents in Malta and ask for information and assistance in opening the type of company that suits most for your needs.

Registering a company for a jewelry shop in Malta

The company incorporation in Malta is a simple process, including for those who are interested in opening a limited liability company in order to run their jewelry shop. This is the preferred business structure for small and medium entrepreneurs looking to establish on the Maltese market in a fast manner, and it is recommended to observe a few rules:
  • a name verification and reservation are made with the Trade Register in Malta, the institution in charge of company incorporation;
  • the Articles of Association are the company’s main documents with information about the owners;
  • for tax purposes, the registration is mandatory for your jewelry shop on Malta;
  • EUR 1,165 represents the minimum share capital for your LLC in Malta.
Whether you decide for LLC incorporation or for a sole proprietorship, if the business is small at the beginning, it is advisable to talk to one of our local representatives and solicit assistance at the time of company incorporation. 

Do I need licenses for a jewelry shop in Malta?

Yes, the Trade Licensing Unit of the Maltese Commerce Department issues the Street Hawker License for entrepreneurs who want to sell jewelry from a fixed place, in public, as long as they respect the conditions in this sense, like not having any commercial activities at passenger terminals, airports or schools. Gold, silver and diamond products need to be certified before entering the market for sale purposes, as it is one of the requirements imposed by the authorities in Malta.

Can I open a website to sell jewelry in Malta?

Yes, many entrepreneurs dealing with the jewelry business, but not limited to this, can think of opening a website and explore the online trading that is in plain expansion in Malta. Your jewelry shop can be present on the internet if you register your website with the Network Information Center Malta and consider the fees for such service.
Our company incorporation specialists in Malta are here to guide local and foreign investors in setting up companies, including jewelry shops, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

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