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Open a Joint Stock Company in Malta

Updated on Thursday 17th November 2022

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Open-a-joint-stock-company-in-MaltaForeign investors can set up various types of companies in Malta. The most employed ones are limited liability companies. However, these are categorized into private and public limited liability ones. The main difference between them is the fact that the private one may not trade its shares on the capital markets in Malta, while the public one is allowed to do that.

Our company registration agents in Malta can assist foreign investors who want to register any type of company.

What is the public company in Malta?

The public limited liability company is known as a joint stock company all over the world. The Maltese Commercial Law provides for its incorporation and that is why it is one of the most popular types of entities available for registration in this country.

Considering Malta’s openness to foreign investments, the joint stock company can be used as holding company or as an investment company for those interested in setting up investment funds here.

In order to open a joint stock company in Malta, both local and foreign investors must fulfill certain conditions. These are:

  • -          the company must have at least 2 shareholders, individuals or companies;
  • -          the shareholders must deposit a minimum share capital of approximately 46,600 euros;
  • -          the company’s name must contain the abbreviation .PLC;
  • -          the company must have at least 2 directors;
  • -          the company must have at least a secretary.

How to register a joint stock company in Malta

The first step to open a joint stock company in Malta is to prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Also, after the documents are ready, the owners or their representatives must open the company’s bank account in which 25% of the share capital must be deposited. After these formalities are completed, the documents together with the details of the shareholders, directors and secretary will be filed with the Malta Chamber of Commerce. Depending on the Maltese joint stock company’s objects of activity, certain special licenses could be required.

For assistance in registering joint stock company, please contact our company incorporation representatives in Malta.


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