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Updated on Wednesday 22nd February 2023

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The startup ecosystem in Malta is attractive to both local and foreign entrepreneurs from a wide range of reasons: simple incorporation, low costs for startups, an appealing tax regime, and the possibility of developing in most sectors. Our company formation agents in Malta can offer comprehensive support and assistance for persons who want to open startups in this country, as they can handle the registration process and many more.
 Quick Facts  
Business entities suitable for startups Limited liability company is the proper structure for opening a startup in Malta.

Who can open a startup in Malta?

Residents and non-residents in Malta interested in starting companies in this country.

Legislation for startups in Malta

Companies Act in Malta
Minimum share capital EUR 1,200
Funding schemes for startups in Malta

Available for innovative businesses in Malta through varied programs

Required documents Articles of Association with details about the future operation, general rules of the firm, situations in which the activities can be closed
Business license  Depending on the activities planned, we can manage the formalities to obtain the required business license
Validation of business name

Verification of the business name is recommended in order to avoid possible litigation. Reservation is made with the Maltese Trade Register.

Local bank account  

Recommended, but not mandatory

Tax registration  (YES/NO)


Business address required  (YES/NO)


Number of directors

 At least 1

Accounting services 

We offer dedicated accounting services for startups in Malta.

We offer company formation services for startups in Malta

Our company formation agents in Malta can manage the incorporation formalities and collaborate with the relevant institutions.

Free case evaluation 

Our agents can evaluate your request, and then discuss all aspects related to the incorporation of a company in Malta.


How can I register a startup in Malta?

The incorporation of a startup in Malta begins with the decision on the proper business structure for future operations. In Malta, the limited liability company is the most popular business structure because it suits most of the needs of investors and business persons. We have gathered a few important steps to follow when opening a startup in Malta:
  1. One must make a name verification in the first place.
  2. The activities, the owners, the general rules and regulations, the name of the business, and place of establishment are mentioned by the Articles of Association.
  3. If licenses and permits are required, the application must be made in time.
  4. The registration for tax purposes and social contribution is required.
The registration process of a startup in Malta can be handled by one of our company formation specialists in Malta. Our team can deal with the authorities and bureaucracies linked to the registration process of a firm in Malta. Here is an infographic that explains more:
How to open a startup in Malta2.png

Can I open a startup as a sole trader in Malta?

Acting as a sole trader in Malta is often the choice of entrepreneurs who would rather do business on their own instead of involving in a company formation. The sole proprietorship is the simplest business structure that can be selected by domestic and foreign entrepreneurs in Malta. Our specialists in company formation in Malta can provide immediate support and assistance for those interested in registering a sole proprietorship in Malta.

Sectors in which you can open a startup in Malta

The IT sector is quite prolific in Malta if we think of large companies from overseas established in the country. This sector also allows small and medium-sized companies to develop, in a safe and confident business environment. The education sector, FMCG, finance, and tourism are top choices for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs in Malta. There are simple business conditions and permissive legislation, so opening a startup in Malta is not a complex or a time-consuming process. You can talk to our consultants and solicit company incorporation services in Malta. More details can be found in the following video presentation: 


Can I open a truck company as a startup in Malta?

A truck company can be a great choice for a startup in Malta if entrepreneurs respect the business requirements and the Motor Vehicles Regulations of Malta. First, a business plan is solicited for a Maltese startup, with information about the new business, a marketing and a financial plan, plus details about the future operations and developments. The incorporation of a truck company starts with the Trade Register in Malta and the Articles of Association with information about the owners, the activities, and many more. In most cases, opening a truck company means activating as a sole trader, the simplest business form available in Malta.
Moreover, one should pay attention to the needed licenses for a truck company, such as the international goods transport operator license or the national goods transport operator license, to name a few. If you believe this is the type of startup you want to develop in Malta, feel free to get in touch with one of our company formation specialists in Malta.

A business plan for your startup in Malta

Just like for any other type of business, a solid and doable plan is required for a startup in Malta. This is the starting point when it comes to a new business formation and development. A business plan can be easily created, and here we present you a few important aspects:
  1. An overview of the business you intend to develop must be described from the start.
  2. The sectors in which business opportunities can be ideal for our startup should be selected.
  3. A complete marketing and sales plan needs to be developed.
  4. A business plan is not completed without a financial one. A sales forecast is required.
Business plans should be short and concise, with information about future activities, development plans, etc. One of our company formation agents in Malta can help you with the business plan and then with the entire startup registration process.

How does the government sustain startups in Malta?

There are many government initiatives that aim to sustain the local and foreign developers. The reduced operational costs, plus the possibility of accessing top business hubs in the world are quite appealing to individuals interested in startups in Malta and a safe place for development. There are also tax incentives that weigh much at the time the business conditions for startups are analyzed by a person who wants to open a company in Malta. More than that, Malta’s startup system continues to develop and to align with other important startup ecosystems in Europe and in the world. If you believe that Malta is the right destination for your startup, please do not hesitate to call one of our specialists and ask for advice and support.

Is crowdfunding a solution for startups in Malta?

Yes, entrepreneurs in Malta can think of promoting their ideas and business plans to attract funds with the help of crowdfunding. There are many crowdfunding platforms online that are accessed by different persons interested in great business ideas to sustain, so there are lots of chances for young entrepreneurs to develop in this direction with minimal costs and efforts, yet, with many appealing opportunities. You can talk to our team and find out more about crowdfunding for startups in Malta.

How can our specialists help you in startups registration in Malta?

It is important to have support and guidance from the beginning if you are interested in registering a startup in Malta, mostly if you are a fresh entrepreneur and you want as much information as possible. A startup in Malta can be easily registered with comprehensive assistance and support offered by one of our company formation specialists in Malta. They can help you with:
  • Preparing and drafting the business plan for your startup.
  • Developing a business idea.
  • Preparing the documents of the startup before registration.
  • Preparing the financial and the tax plan for your future business in Malta.
  • Support for obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.
Startups in Malta can be established quite fast if you benefit from complete support provided by our specialists in this field. You can simply direct your inquiries to our team and then let us handle all the formalities of startups in Malta.

Entering the tech ecosystem in Malta

The tech ecosystem developed at a fast pace in recent years, due to a series of government incentives and support, plus a safe and reliable business climate. These are significant aspects to consider when choosing a startup ecosystem. The skilled and experienced workforce plays a great role in the startup sector that already features between 50 and 100 new startup Maltese companies. From programs that detect cyber-attacks, to financial platforms and even companies that collaborate with aerospace organizations in terms of protection, the tech ecosystem has open doors for entrepreneurs interested in generating profits in a prosperous business sector.
We remind that our team of specialists in company formation in Malta can provide the necessary assistance and guidance for persons interested in starting a business in Malta. Startups in Malta are not hard to form and register, yet, for having a smooth process and no complexities, it is recommended to have professional support by your side. Any questions you might have regarding the ways in which a startup in Malta can be founded, you can simply talk to our team of consultants and get your answers.

Making investments in Malta

Besides offering a wide range of business activities for any type of businessman, Malta has permissive legislation in terms of business and investments where the same rules apply to foreign and local investors. When it comes to foreign investments, the strong points of Malta involve a skilled and multilingual workforce, a great geographic location, low business costs, and the support of the government through varied incentives and encouragements. Here are some facts and numbers that highlight the economy and business in Malta:
  • in figures, the total FDI stock for Malta in 2018 was around USD 206 billion;
  • the World Bank and the 2020 Doing Business report ranks Malta 88th out of 190 worldwide economies;
  • 97% of the total FDI registered in Malta goes to the financial services sector;
  • there are more than 31,000 foreign companies registered in the insular state.
People looking for support and guidance for opening a startup in Malta are invited to contact our team of company formation agents in Malta and address all the inquiries.

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