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Updated on Wednesday 21st July 2021

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Financial-Planning-in-Malta.jpgMalta has become a very attractive business destination because of the tax advantages and the relaxed legislation on foreign investments it offers. The prolific industries allow investors to place their operations in a fast and reliable manner, taking advantage of a stable economy and valued business environment. Our company incorporation agents in Malta can provide you with information and guidance when deciding on registering a company in Malta. We can handle the registration procedure and all the aspects related to the process.

What types of companies can I register in Malta?


Investors from abroad can select from several types of companies when opening a business in Malta. The available types of legal entities to be registered in Malta are:
  • limited liability companies that can be set up as public or private;
  • partnerships that can be set up as limited or general.
Foreign enterprises looking to develop a small scale business have the possibility of registering as sole traders in Malta. Foreign companies can incorporate subsidiaries or branch offices under very advantageous conditions in Malta and they can contact our specialists for company formation in Malta

Company formation in Malta


It is good to know that the most significant documents associated with company registration in Malta are the Articles of Association and the Memorandum. If the Memorandum will contain provisions about the establishment of the company, the Articles of Association are the documents containing all the information about the company, such as:
  • the future company is private or public, as established by the owners;
  • who the shareholders are, their nationality and the country of residence;
  • the name of the company, as accepted after a verification with the Registry of Companies in Malta;
  • the company’s registered address in Malta, the objects of activity, the share capital;
  • details about the directors, and information about the company secretary.
Maltese public companies must also add documents related to all the start-up costs and a description of any special advantage granted during the formation process. Considering the Memorandum and Articles of Association are very important it is recommendable to request the services of agents in company formation in Malta.
The video below explains how companies can be registered in Malta:


What are the company registration steps in Malta?


As soon as the documents are prepared with the necessary information they must be submitted with the Registry of Companies in Malta. The following steps and requirements are part of the incorporation process of company in Malta:
  • the company will need to register an office in Malta;
  • the minimum share capital for setting up a private company is EUR 1,165;
  • a bank account needs to be opened in Malta for drafting the minimum share capital;
  • the minimum share capital in the case of public companies is approximately EUR 46,600 of which 25% must be paid upon incorporation;
  • companies need to register for tax purposes as soon as the certificate of incorporation is issued;
  • the social contributions need to be considered if you hire staff for your company in Malta.
Please bear in mind that companies in Malta need to have at least one secretary. The private company must have at least one director, while public companies must have at least two directors. The company registration procedure is completed once the company has obtained its business license and has registered for taxation and VAT with the Maltese authorities.

Opening an LLC in Malta

Just like in most countries, the limited liability company is the preferred business structure. This is also available for foreign investors in Malta who can easily register an LLC in this state. The incorporation process starts with the Companies Register in Malta and with complete support provided by our advisors. As soon as the Articles of Association have been accepted by this institution, your LLC in Malta enters the next level of formation, meaning that it has to be registered as a taxpayer, it has to apply for a company seal and must register the future employees with the Employment Training Corporation. Please note that the company registration in Malta takes approximately one working day. With complete assistance offered by our team of consultants, you can enter the Maltese market in a fast and reliable manner. If you want to open an LLC in another country, such as Macedonia, we can put you in touch with our local partners. 

Sole proprietorship in Malta

Another simple and appreciated business form in Malta is the sole proprietorship that addresses those type of entrepreneurs looking to have complete control of their operations without having to deal with the requirements of other structures. The registration as a sole trader starts with the Maltese Trade Register and the self-engagement form which needs to be completed. The residence permit in Malta released by the Office of Identity Management and the social security number are also documents and requirements for establishing the operations as a sole proprietorship. Those looking to open a business for trading purposes should consider applying for an EORI number that allows them to make business within the European countries. It is good to know that the VAT number is issued by the Revenue Department in Malta and it is necessary at the time you register as a sole trader in this country.
As for the taxes of a sole proprietorship in Malta, we mention that the income and capital gains taxes are the most important ones. The reason why a sole proprietorship is preferred instead of other business structures in Malta is that the registration procedure is less bureaucratic, allowing entrepreneurs to commence their activities relatively fast. Having complete control of the business is another reason why businessmen decide on acting as sole traders.

Can I purchase a company in Malta?

Yes, if you do not want to deal with the requirements and procedures of opening a company in Malta, you have the possibility of acquiring a ready-made company in Malta. This is also known as a shelf company that comes with a series of advantages like being already registered, having no activities on the market, having no liabilities or debts, and being ready for use on the market at any time. The limited liability company is the structure for your shelf company in Malta which is already registered with the authorities. As soon as the ownership of the shelf company is transferred to the new owner, the business may activate in the chosen field of interest. A ready-made company is often the solution of foreign investors wanting to enter the Maltese market as soon as they decide for business in this country, and not wanting to open a company from scratch. For extra details about a shelf company in Malta, you may address to our team of consultants.

Can I register a subsidiary or a branch in Malta?

Yes, companies from abroad can easily establish branches or subsidiaries in Malta which will activate as limited liability companies and the rules in this sense, as stipulated by the provisions of the Companies Act in Malta. It is suggested to observe the attributes of each business entity and benefit from the advantages of each structure, in accordance with the business needs in this country.

Does a shelf company need to be registered in Malta?

No, there is no need to register a vintage company in Malta, as this is already incorporated. Ready-made companies are kept on a shelf until they age and until someone is buying it. Foreign and local entrepreneurs can decide on purchasing a shelf company in Malta instead of starting a business from scratch. This way, they can skip the incorporation formalities and get ready for business as soon as the ownership transfer is made. Among the advantages of shelf companies in Malta, we mention that such entities have no financial activities and therefore no liabilities or debts. This is a great benefit in front of banks because shelf companies present confidence, so it will be easy for entrepreneurs to obtain a loan and concentrate more on future investments. We remind that you can get in touch with one of our company formation representatives in Malta and find out information about the available vintage companies and about the costs involved. They can also help you register for VAT in Malta.

Holding companies in Malta

Holding companies are preferred by international investors who want to expand their portfolios and own shares in other companies too. The main advantage is that they can have control in holding companies they own, and besides that, they can distribute the profits, they can vote and can benefit from corporate tax exemptions. Maltese holding companies must own at least 10% of the stocks in a subsidiary company, must have an appointed director and be registered with the entitled authorities. Any changes in a company established in Malta needs to be immediately announced to the Maltese Trade Register, as stated by the provisions of the Company Act. International entrepreneurs interested in having a holding company are suggested to talk to one of our company formation representatives in Malta and find out more details in this matter.

Short details about the Maltese Trade Register

The Maltese Registry of Companies is in charge, as the name says, of the company incorporation in this country, plus other important matters related to business. Malta Financial Services Authority supervises the activities of the Trade Register in Malta, in compliance with the Company Act. The institution is in charge of more than just the registration of businesses in this country: issuing the good-standing certificates and the incorporation certificates, publishing information about all companies, keeping the company register up to date, etc. More than that, with the Maltese Registry of Companies, entrepreneurs can verify and reserve a business name and can solicit information about a specific company established in Malta. Also, the incorporation of a company in Malta can be made online, with the help of the official website, but instead of dealing with possible misunderstandings, it is recommended to have the support of a company formation agent in Malta who can handle all the formalities of the company registration.
The Maltese Trade Register has multiple duties, but the most important of them are:
  • - registering new companies;
  • - registering documents for the incorporation of Maltese companies;
  • - maintaining the companies register up to date;
  • - collecting registration and other taxes, such as the VAT in Malta;
  • - publishing  information about companies;
  • - issuing incorporation certificates;
  • - issuing good-standing certificates;
  • - reserving, verifying and approving companies names;
  • - imposing and collecting penalty fees;
  • - investigating companies and revising companies’ documentation.
The Trade Register in Malta is the institution where all companies are incorporated. The same institution is in charge of numerous duties connected to the activities of companies in this country. For instance, the declaration of solvency, the appointment of a liquidator, the extension of the duration of a partnership, the removal of an auditor, changing the sole proprietorship into an LLC, the termination of a pledge of securities, the annual returns or the dissolution of a company are handled by the Trade Register in Malta. There are specific forms which need to be completed with the Maltese Registry of Companies. It is important to have the services of a company formation agent in Malta who has experience in forming and registering a company with the entitled authorities. If you would like to establish a partnership, set up a branch or a subsidiary, we kindly invite you to talk to our specialists in company formation in Malta.

Limited partnerships in Malta

Limited partnerships can be easily established in Malta and are common business forms that can be selected by local and international investors. Maltese limited partnerships have legal personality and can be set up for owning properties in the country. In matters of registration, the Maltese Company Register is in charge of incorporation. Future owners of limited partnerships in Malta will have to make a name verification in the first place, and then, if everything is approved, the LP abbreviation is added. A partnership agreement is then created and signed by the partners involved, prior to the registration with the Maltese authorities. It is important to note that such partnership comes with particular rules, mostly related to the roles of the parties involved: the general partner can also be the manager of the partnership, in charge of obligations and debts, while the limited partner is liable only to the amount of capital introduced. All the formalities of a limited partnership in Malta can be entirely explained and handled by one of our specialists in company formation in Malta.

General partnerships in Malta

Another form of business available for registration in Malta is the general partnership under which investors can develop a series of economic activities. Just like the sole proprietorship, a general partnership has easy incorporation formalities and it has a simple business structure. The general partners (at least two participants, companies, or persons) are entirely responsible for the assets, debts, and liabilities in the firm. In many cases, businessmen decide on establishing general partnerships for opening investment funds. Just like in the case of a limited partnership, the general one is also registered based on an agreement that comprises information about the owners, activities, rules, business office, voting rights, and many more. The Maltese Companies Register incorporates the general partnership. One should note that there is no minimum capital requirement for a general partnership. If you believe this is the right business form for you, please feel free to address it to our agents and ask for information about registry of companies in Malta.

How can I open a franchise in Malta?

Franchises are available in Malta and are mentioned by the Maltese Commercial Law. Even though the costs are expensive, franchises can be great options for those who want to start this kind of activity and generate profits in different sectors. A franchise agreement is normally signed by the franchiser and the franchisee and it comprises complete instructions, guidance, training, and intellectual property information about the business. Basically, it is a business ready to activate on the market, in exchange for a specific sum of money. Franchises can be excellent choices in Malta if you consider that other options do not match your needs and business expectations. You can simply get in touch with one of our company formation agents in Malta and see how you can open a franchise. The registry of companies in Malta enter our attention.

Relocating the business to Malta

The insular state hosts a large number of foreign companies. Some of them are created from scratch or some are relocated from different countries. The company relocation in Malta is possible and it is a straightforward process that can be handled by one of our specialists. Company owners who decide on relocation must prepare a resolution in this sense, with information about this decision, a copy of the Articles of Association, a declaration that states the relocation, and the certificate of good standing from the home country. These are a few of the documents that must be prepared for the company relocation process in Malta, not before the business is de-registered from the country of origin. Some companies might require specific business licenses and permits when relocating to Malta, depending on the activities. Yet, this isn’t an impediment and can be a task properly handled by our agents in Malta. Malta business registry can be handled by us.

The Company Act in Malta

The Company Act in Malta comprises all the provisions and information about how the business is made in this country, alongside rules and regulations for a proper business direction. This is the main set of laws that stand at the base of Malta business registry. The Company Act mentions the types of company structures available in Malta, the ways in which employees can be hired and the rights they have, the management of companies and information about the necessary licenses and permits for businesses in this country. If you would like to know more about the Company Act, feel free to talk to one of our consultants.

Choose our agents to register a company in Malta

We have a dedicated team of specialists in company formation in Malta who can help both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs register a company in Malta. We can handle the special licenses and permits requirements, help with the paperwork, and even provide complete accounting services on request. The registration for taxation enters the attention of our specialists, as this is an important step involved in business formation and registration. Investing for the first time in Malta? You can rely on our experience, professionalism, and proficiency right from the start.

Making investments in Malta

Malta has a strategic geographic location that opens doors to important business destinations all over the world. The tourism sector, the agriculture, ICT, engineering, manufacturing, import, and export are in the attention of international investors looking for business expansion in Malta. We have gathered some facts and details about the economy and the investments in Malta that you might find it interesting:
  1. USD 206,685 million was the total FDI stock registered in Malta in 2018;
  2. According to the 2019 Doing Business report, Malta ranks 84th out of 190 worldwide economies;
  3. There are more than 200 foreign companies established in Malta;
  4. Communications, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture are the main investment destinations for foreigners in Malta. 
The registration of a company in Malta is not a complicated process, however, it is recommended to have the support and guidance of an experienced team of consultants. For assistance with the company registration procedure, you can contact our Maltese company incorporation specialists.

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