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The Minimum Share Capital for Opening a Company in Malta

Updated on Saturday 19th June 2021

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The main types of Maltese companies are divided into limited companies and partnerships. The most common types are the private limited companies and the public limited companies. Both types of structures need a minimum share capital in order to be able to begin the business activities. The principal legal framework for companies’ registration in Malta is the Companies Act of 1995. Our company formation agents in Malta can provide complete support for foreign investors wanting to establish their business presence in Malta, so feel free to address your inquiries at any time.

The private limited company in Malta

The private limited company is the most popular among small investors looking to start a company in Malta. The requirements for this type of company are:
  • at least one shareholder is needed at the time of business registration;
  • one director and a secretary according to the Maltese Commercial Law are necessary;
  • the minimum share capital of approximately EUR 1,200 that can be denominated in any currency;
  • a legal representative with residency in Malta is a mandatory condition.
When incorporating a private limited company in Malta, the minimum share capital must be fully subscribed, but only 20% must be paid up. It is good to know that the shares of the Maltese limited company cannot be traded on the stock exchange and more than that, its shareholders will be held liable for the company’s debts and obligations to the extent of their capital contributions.

The public limited company in Malta

In the case of Maltese public limited company at least two shareholders are liable for the company’s debts and obligations to the extent of their contribution. The minimum share capital required when incorporating a public limited company is approximately EUR 47,000. The minimum share capital can be denominated in any currency, it must be submitted, but only 25% must be paid upon registration. Unlike the private limited company, the shares of a Maltese public company can be traded on the stock exchange. 
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Registration of limited companies in Malta

In order to register a public or private limited company in Malta, the founding members will have to submit the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company, copies of the identification documents of the shareholders and a bank account statement, as proof that the minimum share capital was deposited. The memorandum and articles of association of a company can be signed by the shareholders or by their attorneys in Malta and do not need to be notarized.

What is the minimum share capital for a branch in Malta?

Branches in Malta are incorporated as limited liability companies, however, there is no need to consider the minimum share capital for such structure. This is one of the most important advantages of a branch in Malta. As for incorporation matters, a branch is established if a declaration made by the parent company mentioning the intention of opening the branch is provided. Also, the Articles of Association, the Memorandum of Association and identification documents of the owners are necessary. One should know that in the case of branches, there are several tax exemptions like not having withholding taxes for dividends, royalties, and interests or being protected by the double taxation treaties signed by Malta with countries worldwide in order to skip paying twice the taxes. Feel free to solicit complete information about how to open a branch in Malta from our team of consultants.

Is there a minimum share capital for subsidiaries in Malta?

Yes, subsidiaries can be registered as public or private limited liability company for which a minimum share capital is necessary. In the case of a private limited liability company, the minimum share capital is set at EUR 1,200. As for a public limited liability company for a subsidiary in Malta, the minimum share capital of EUR 47,000 is needed. There are many advantages related to subsidiaries in Malta, and among these, an independent status, and complete protection offered by the double taxation treaties, just like in the case of branches. We mention that the minimum share capital for a subsidiary in Malta needs to be deposited in a Maltese bank account at the time the entity is registered with the authorities in charge. Even though there are no harsh formalities in matters of incorporation, it is best to talk to a consultant and get complete support in company formation in Malta.

Minimum share capital for shelf companies in Malta

Shelf companies are the type of companies which are already registered on the market, but without undergoing any kind of activities. These are normally registered as limited liability companies, they have an open bank account, a VAT number and the possibility of operating on the market as soon as possible, right after the transfer of the ownership is concluded. The minimum share capital for limited liability companies is set at EUR 1,200 and it is in many cases the choice of foreign entrepreneurs looking for a fast start on the market. Let us tell you more about the conditions for purchasing shelf companies in Malta and about the conditions imposed.

Minimum share capital for sole traders

Those looking to activate as sole traders don’t need to worry about the minimum share capital, as it is not imposed, according to the Maltese legislation. A sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business in Malta that needs minimal requirements, like having the needed licenses or permits for running the activities. It is good to know that the sole trader is the only one responsible for the debts and liabilities in the firm. As for the registration formalities of a sole proprietorship, feel free to give us a call as soon as you decide for business in Malta.

Short facts about foreign investments in Malta

The excellent geo-strategic location of Malta, the experience and appealing labor force plus the ease of doing business in this country have made numerous entrepreneurs decide on developing their activities in varied important and well-developed sectors. The regulations related to foreign investments are not different from the ones involving domestic entrepreneurs, and that means that a foreign investor can have the same rights as locals have. Entrepreneurs from abroad can benefit from a relaxed taxation regime, can decide on the experienced and multilingual staff, can benefit from the excellent infrastructure and worldwide connections, can enjoy the great standard of living and can develop their activities in fields like tourism, IT, engineering, communication, healthcare, medicine and many more. Malta is for sure an attractive country for business, and it is important to know the regulations for opening a business, right from the start.
We kindly invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in Malta and solicit assistance in registering a business. We can also tell you more about the minimum share capital you need to consider for business in Malta.

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