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Obtain a Trade License in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 26th October 2021

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Obtain a Trade License in Malta.jpegAlthough many activities in Malta do not require a trading license, according to the latest changes to Legal Notice 40, there are still a few categories where these approvals are needed. In order to understand all the required formalities, it is recommended to consider the support of company formation agents in Malta who can assist you from the very beginning, when you register a company in this island state. Discover in this article essential information about trading licence in Malta and the rules you need to keep in mind.

Activities that require a trade license in Malta

The commercial license in Malta is needed for door-to-door retail, except food and beverages, street vendors of fruits, vegetables, bread, and other traditional products, marketing agents, commercial fairs & exhibitions, car boot sales, auctioneers. Precious metal dealers, jewelry manufacturers are other categories of traders for whom a trade license in Malta is needed .

Documents required to obtain a trade license in Malta

Trading license in Malta requires special attention in terms of application and formalities imposed by the Maltese government and more precisely the Trading Licensing Unit. With the help of our specialists, you can have the guarantee that the application process is correct and that all the documents in the file comply with the requirements of the authorities. We mention here some of these formalities, which you should consider if you apply for a commercial license in Malta:
  • • Company documents are required to apply for a business license in Malta.
  • • Details about the business structure, head office, and shareholders are required at the time of application.
  • • All the information about the activities of the respective company is necessary, but also about the employed persons. In the case of sole proprietorship in Malta, the details about sole traders are sufficient.
  • • Certified police documents that attest the clear criminal record of persons having a business in Malta. This document is part of the trade license application in Malta.
  • • The authorities also require documents certifying the audit in the respective company. Such a document must be signed and initialed by a certified auditor.
  • • The application for a trade license in Malta is verified in approximately 5 days. If certain documents are still required, the authorities accept the necessary changes within a maximum of 20 days, during which time the applicant must respond.
So, these are basically some of the formalities for a trading licence in Malta. More details in this case can be provided by our team of company formation agents in Malta.

 Market hawkers and trading licence in Malta

Manufacturers who want to sell their goods in open markets must align with the licensing requirements first and foremost. Application Form B is the required document in this case, in addition to those of the company. These documents are verified by the Commerce Department in Malta, but also by the Trade Licensing Unit. It is important to mention that this type of license is not transferable and therefore cannot be used by anyone else, except in cases where the family takes over the business. So, if you want complete details about market hawker commercial license in Malta, do not hesitate to talk to our specialists.

Malta, an extremely popular business destination

The island state of Malta is known for its many business opportunities and excellent climate for foreign entrepreneurs. With an extremely advantageous tax system, generous incentives to attract foreign investors, and a multilingual and experienced workforce, Malta continues to capture the attention of international investors interested in consistent profits and a stable business environment. The following statistics highlight several times the economic direction of Malta:
  1. According to estimates, Malta's GDP is expected to be around USD 18 billion in 2022.
  2. Germany, Italy, Japan, the USA, and France are the most important trading partners of Malta.
  3. According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Malta ranked 88th out of 190 economies internationally in terms of formalities and optimal business conditions.
  4. Total FDI stock for Malta in 2020 was approximately USD 241 billion.
  5. Most foreign investment in Malta is absorbed by the financial and insurance sector, around 97%, followed by electronics, communication, and pharmaceuticals.
Therefore, those interested in commercial license in Malta are invited to contact our company formation specialists in Malta and to find out what services are needed in this case. We are here to help you if you want to open a business in Malta and get the necessary license.

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